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Affordable Forklift Rental in Houston, TX

Need to move large pallets or heavy materials around your warehouse? Then you are going to need a helping hand. Nothing makes moving heavier items quite as simple as a forklift. That is why PRG Equipment is proud to offer forklift rental in Houston, TX. By renting with us, you can get the equipment you need quickly and affordably. 

Have issues with an electric or diesel forklift? Not a problem when you choose to rent from us. We minimize your operating costs and reduce your commitments by not only providing very affordable rental rates but also providing a wealth of support services. If anything is ever broken or damaged on-site, our team will be there to fix it. Contact us today to learn more about our current inventory or to find answers to many of our most frequently asked questions.

Purchasing industrial equipment is a significant commitment and can be challenging for a small company. It is not something that you want to contemplate if your need for such an item, a forklift, for example, is only temporary. The solution is to rent a forklift rather than go into debt or put a strain on your budget that you would like to avoid. When you rent one from PRG Equipment, we make sure that you have the correct machine to meet your needs. If you find after using it for a while that you require a different model, such as an electric one rather than propane, we can accommodate you in that case as well. That is one of the benefits of renting over buying. You can always upgrade without having to sell a model you have purchased. We have a full inventory you can choose from when you need to rent a forklift, from simple electric models to heavy-duty diesel units. We also offer leasing alternatives for those who do not want to purchase at this time but require a lift for a more extended period. Our rental service extends to a 500-mile radius around Houston, so contact us today to rent the forklift you need.

Forklift Rental in Houston, TX

Accommodating Your Budget

You need to keep your expenses in check. That is why our forklift rental options are flexible enough to accommodate your budget. Our rates are determined by the type of forklift you need and for how long you plan to rent it. This enables you to not only choose from some of the best brands in the industry but also helps you better manage your operating costs.

Forklifts for Sale

Are you looking to buy instead of rent? We can help you with that too. Our forklift inventory includes a wide variety of small, medium, and large forklifts that are perfect for heavy-duty applications. Just let us know the details of your project as well as your budget, and we will get right to work finding the perfect equipment for your needs.